On the Move

I tried to write a post about moving yesterday, but nothing seemed right.  It’s safe to say that Scott and I have been on an emotional roller coaster for the past few days/weeks/months.

We moved across the state of Virginia on Sunday, with most of our stuff to follow behind when we find a new home in Lynchburg.  So for now, Scott goes to work with a tasty hotel breakfast in his stomach and comes home to a wife and dog who can’t wait to see him after a relaxing day at the hotel.  For now.  I’m sure we’ll go back to our normal roles before too long–me with some laundry and chores to keep myself busier (plus a job search and who knows what else), Peanut napping under the couch.

Speaking of which, Peanut is pretty cute no matter where he lives.  It’s nice that a few things stay the same despite drastic change, right?

I might have documented some of his naps yesterday:


Yep, he fell asleep in the 12 seconds between when I got in the car at Walgreen’s and when I started the car in the parking lot at Walgreen’s.  It’s tough being a dog.


And here he is hiding under the luggage storage rack.  Next best thing to the couch at home.


And that’s the prize.  Peanut getting sleepy right on top of napping Scott. Classic.

Someday I’ll conquer my emotions and will write about all of the wonderfulness that we’re leaving behind and the excitement of what’s ahead.  For now, I hope you like Peanut’s moments of cross-state cuteness.

Home Withdrawal Antidote

As you might expect, working 40 hours this week kept me busier than working on random projects from home for the past few months.  Not that I wasn’t busy, and not that I didn’t work.  (Like those double negatives?)  I just had a bunch of flexible time and very very happy feet.  My feet didn’t know how good they had it until they had to wear normal shoes again this week.  Drat.  But I’ll get to that some other time.

Long ramble short, I had a lot of quality time with Scott and Peanut (our dog) for the past several months.  And I had less quality time with them this week.  It was a good week, and I definitely like my new job.  It’s just that every life change requires some adjustment.  Right?  Right.

I found one big happy reminder of home at work this week, and it got me through little moments of home withdrawal.  Who knew that pictures on a cell phone could be so helpful?  I hope you enjoy the cute as much as I do:






Did you see that adorable face settling into the crook of Scott’s neck?  Did you?!

What about the eyes closing over the course of about 20 seconds?  You might assume that it took a few minutes or longer to get all of those pictures, but it was 20 seconds.  Maybe 18.5.  It’s enough to melt my heart every single time I look at those pictures.  Sigh.

These two pictures came in a close second of awesomeness:p7


Cute.  (And I love them.)

Napping Soundtracks

I called it a day at noon.  It was necessary.  I did manage to get lots of good tech-ish stuff done in the morning, and nobody wanted my tired face around the library anymore.

On my way out the door, I thought I would look up a list of movies that are known for their good cheer.  It seemed like a solid idea for background noise while napping.  Something about subliminal messages seeping in.  I napped to an episode of Jersey Shore once, and I definitely dreamed about some crazy stuff.

The biggest surprise on the movie list was Dead Poets Society.  I mean, come on!  There’s a suicide in that movie.  It’s dark and cold and sad.  It’s also inspiring and a great movie in general, but I wouldn’t ever pop it into the DVD player to cheer myself up.  Not sure who wrote that list, but I’m wholeheartedly disagreeing with him or her.

Worst comes to worst, Peanut can sniff something out for me.  Most of my movies are chick flicks anyway, and those are known for their predictably happy endings.  As long as he doesn’t pick The Last King of Scotland (which is the one movie that inspired me to scream at the TV), we’re set.

Discoveries of the Week

  1. Five hours of sleep per night just isn’t enough.  No amount of Coke Zero can save you after a few weeks of that.
  2. Remembering the alarm code for work (that you only use about once every other month) on five hours of sleep isn’t possible.
  3. Having guests is fun.  Having lots and lots of guests is more fun.  My brain, however, isn’t keeping up with the quantity of grocery shopping necessary to provide basics for more than a few guests in a week.  In fact, my brain seems to go into “eat what you can find” mode when busy, which leaves guests to forage for berries in the neighborhood.  Pretty sure Martha Stewart would frown on that.
  4. The prospect of sleeping on my parents’ couch for three days is just as wonderful now as it was at the end of my first semester of college.  That’s not even taking into consideration the added bonus of a fluffy puppy on the couch with me.
  5. And finally, when I talk to myself, it seems perfectly sane (to me).  When library patrons talk to themselves as they walk away from the reference desk, it seems crazy.  Must remember that in the future.

This to Get to This

My entire plan for the day looks more or less like this:

So that tonight I can have a good time with the girls.

And tomorrow I can do this:

Photo from the U.S. National Archives

And on Sunday, I can dress up like this:

Photo by Nikki.Jane

And watch my friend exchange these with her fiancée (although his isn’t this frilly):

Photo by Winged Photography

And then on Monday, after all of the festivities are over, I will finally get to this:

Photo by KoolPix

Might Need That Someday

I’ve been clearing out closets lately to make space for my new roommate (Yay!!  She’s wonderful!), and I found all the stuff that I haven’t used in six years.  You know what I’m talking about.  There are certain things that you bought for some good reason, but there’s almost no chance you’ll ever need them again.  If you do need them, you’ll feel really stupid for getting rid of the one(s) you already had.  For me, the big items were extra long twin bedsheets from college, dozens of cords that went with electronics I no longer own, and a free “cordless” vacuum that is utterly useless if you lose the cord that recharges it (none of the options from the tub o’ cords worked).  They’re all gone now, so score one for the home team.  It feels great to get rid of unnecessary stuff.  Maybe my real calling is to go through people’s stuff with them and get rid of half of it.

The sad thing is that I feel like someone did exactly that in my brain.  They saw some things that looked a bit dusty, chunked them, and now I’m minus a few important something or others.  I can usually reason my way through things, but not today.  Everything is kind of fuzzy up there.  Thank goodness I only had a few boxes of cereal to choose from this morning.

Also, there were a whopping three questions at the library in my first three hours at work.  I might suggest Saturday morning nap time as a program idea.  If it’s an official event, at least one staff member has to be on hand to organize/participate.  I gladly volunteer to organize and participate.  Look at me, I’m such a proactive employee.