On the Move

I tried to write a post about moving yesterday, but nothing seemed right.  It’s safe to say that Scott and I have been on an emotional roller coaster for the past few days/weeks/months.

We moved across the state of Virginia on Sunday, with most of our stuff to follow behind when we find a new home in Lynchburg.  So for now, Scott goes to work with a tasty hotel breakfast in his stomach and comes home to a wife and dog who can’t wait to see him after a relaxing day at the hotel.  For now.  I’m sure we’ll go back to our normal roles before too long–me with some laundry and chores to keep myself busier (plus a job search and who knows what else), Peanut napping under the couch.

Speaking of which, Peanut is pretty cute no matter where he lives.  It’s nice that a few things stay the same despite drastic change, right?

I might have documented some of his naps yesterday:


Yep, he fell asleep in the 12 seconds between when I got in the car at Walgreen’s and when I started the car in the parking lot at Walgreen’s.  It’s tough being a dog.


And here he is hiding under the luggage storage rack.  Next best thing to the couch at home.


And that’s the prize.  Peanut getting sleepy right on top of napping Scott. Classic.

Someday I’ll conquer my emotions and will write about all of the wonderfulness that we’re leaving behind and the excitement of what’s ahead.  For now, I hope you like Peanut’s moments of cross-state cuteness.

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