If you forced me to say which food websites are my absolute favorites, these would be the pick-of-the-day (or month):

  1. The Pioneer Woman for the part of me that appreciates predictable success (and who doesn’t like that?!).  PW’s recipes have an almost 100% success rate at my house, which I think boils down to good recipe testing and exceptional step by step directions.  When I was just learning to cook, she was my guru.
  2. Giada De Laurentiis for the international travel and food intersection of my heart.  Because sometimes even rural people like myself want to eat their way across the globe without leaving home.
  3. The Kitchn when I need a quicker meal or a basic recipe.  Their instructions for making bacon in the oven have changed how I feel about bacon.  Also, their Nicoise salad is a staple at our house.
  4. Food 52 for when I want to go a little bit fancier.  Good cooking techniques, interesting ingredients, sometimes a little bit more time-consuming than my other food loves.  Sometimes complicated can be fun.
  5. Cookie + Kate for when I want veggies to be front and center.  I occasionally add meat to her vegetarian fare, but whether I add meat or not, I can count on amazing flavor and a nutritious meal.
  6. Half Baked Harvest for the part of me that appreciates a ton of flavor and just as much variety.  This site provides a major dose of flavor in every recipe, and even when the recipes take a bit of time, you can usually break them down into smaller components to make ahead to some extent.  My husband can almost always identify a Half Baked Harvest meal as soon as he takes the first bite (and in this case, that’s a very good thing).

Now for a shameless plug, I am kind of partial to my own Etsy shop, which is not of the food variety: Small But Valuable.

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