Apple Stamping? or Potato Painting? or Sweet Tater Arts and Crafts???

You know what’s great?  When you occasionally get to do something at work that you normally do just for fun.  Today, that involves planning a craft project for a library program.  I’m far from picking a project, but I have had some fun research time on Pinterest

Block printing with fruits and veggies as your stamps, specifically.  Because in my opinion, buying and carving fruits and vegetables would be way more fun than buying a bunch of actual stamps.  Definitely more fun.

So, would you rather do apple prints?


photos from

Or potatoes?

4873d98732eb1ce35c00b8bb619cb276Or sweet taters?

DSC_0520-003-537x359Hmm.  It is fun to consider the possibilities.  There might not be time to make homemade block prints at home, but there might just be time to build it into the library events calendar.  Yay!  There could be tea towels, bags, and pillow cases to print.  Every library patron’s dream, right?


I’m pretty sure that Scott and Peanut are not daydreaming of block printed bags or tea towels, but perhaps the female demographic will be on board.

Well anyway, I hope your work day contains a tiny piece of something you love, too.

Warm, Fall Inspiration

Fall is my favorite season.  It has so much going for it–between the crisp weather and the ability to wear comfy sweaters and boots to work, it’s hard to go wrong.  It’s like an invitation to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and just enjoy life for a few months.

But for the past few days, the allergy side of the season has been hitting me and turning me into a tired, groggy mess.  Sometimes life calls for a warm cup of tea and some quiet rejoicing over the season.  Thankfully, I have a husband who encourages me to sit on the porch with a cup of tea.  He’s cool like that.

And there’s a cup of tea for the creative side of things, too:

watercolor from

watercolor from

Happy Otterday!

While we were on vacation, I sold a set of my favorite otter notecards.  It’s the teeny tiny victories that count when you aren’t devoting much time to your artistic craft.

il_570xN.395734437_dvntI mailed them off yesterday and realized that I only have two sets of otter cards left.  Good thing I get to keep the original!

Late Summer Beauty

We had a rough time with our corn this year.  (And by we, I mean Scott.)  Birds kept finding the seeds, and Scott kept replanting until the birds finally gave up.  The struggle between man and bird means that our planting, which started out right on time, ended up being a little bit behind the neighbors.  Because we live in a place where almost everyone around us also has corn in their yard.  It’s fun.

cornBut look at it now!  Those tassels are starting to turn dark, which means it’s almost corn eating time.  There were actually a few harvestable ears this week.  It really is amazing how delicious food is when you know it came from your yard.  It would probably be even more wonderful if I had planted and/or tended it.  Oops.  At least I can claim the rosemary plants in the front.  (The rosemary plants don’t require any tending, for the record.  I claim the drought-resistant plant.)

There’s also some art on my mind, thanks to an artist friend, Pinterest, and Richard Shilling (who is not said artist friend). 

photo (and art) by Richard Shilling

photo and art by Richard Shilling

Isn’t it pretty?  It makes me want to think creatively and walk through some crispy fall leaves. 

Richard Schilling works in ephemeral art–a field that I’ve always enjoyed.  I love the idea of taking something natural and already beautiful, moving it around into a purposeful something or other that’s also beautiful, and leaving it to blend in again with the rest of its surroundings.  It’s like singing a song when you’re by yourself.  It doesn’t last, and it might not reach a lot of people, but that somehow adds to the beauty.  It’s a personal moment of pretty.  Or it can be, anyway.

Happy late summer, y’all!

Finding Momo and Sniffing Peanut

One thing I love about the internet is that you can find pretty much anything on it.  That can be a very bad thing, because there are lots of things in the world that I don’t want to know about.  Usually, it’s a great thing.  Your brand of humor exists somewhere on the internet.  Someone who likes the same types of books you like is writing about their favorite stories somewhere on the internet.  Someone is creating recipes you would absolutely love and posting them to the internet. 

Scott showed me a new-to-me website yesterday that is right up my alley–Find Momo.

Do you see Momo?  Momo is Andrew Knapp’s dog (Andrew Knapp is a photographer), and Knapp posts pictures in which Momo is hiding.  Lots of them. 

photo by Andrew Knapp

photo by Andrew Knapp

photo by Andrew Knapp

photo by Andrew Knapp

Some of them are more about Momo than about the scenery around Momo.


photo by Andrew Knapp

What do I love about this site?  Well, it’s all about a man, his dog, and the adventures they have together.  It takes a lot of dog awesomeness to hide and be patient like Momo.  Good job, Momo!  The pictures are nice, and the dog is cute.  What’s not to love?  Plus, the Where’s Waldo aspect of the site is pretty fun.

All of this Momo fun made me think about what Peanut would be able to do for daily pictures.  Stand on things like Maddie

photo by Theron Humphrey

photo by Theron Humphrey

Nope.  The best thing I could come up with is “Guess what Peanut’s rolling in.”  Not very inspirational.  It would also get very predictable after a while.  The options really boil down to A) deer excrement, B) dead frog, or C) dead rodent.  Yep, that’s the short list.  And yet Peanut gets new joy out of the experience every single time and repeats it regularly.

At least we have a happy, beloved critter, right?  A happy critter who was bathed on Sunday and Tuesday because he indulged in some rolling where he shouldn’t.  Long story short, Momo and Maddie are very talented dogs with talented photographer owners, and I’m glad they share the joy with the rest of us.

Friday Funnies from Liz Climo

You know what I love about reading through magazines of upcoming books?  Finding things that I never would have discovered without lists of new books.  Sometimes I like my job a whole lot.

Yesterday I looked through the Graphic Novel section of a book catalog for a minute or two, even though I don’t buy books for that section of the library.  Just broadening my knowledge base, you know?  And thank goodness I was being responsible and whatnot, because I found a new-to-me artist named Liz Climo.  These are some of her cartoons, which I love:

art from

art from

That’s Peanut in small, dinosaur cartoon form.  He’s good at getting cuddles no matter what.

art from

art from

That’s me stealing Scott’s candy corn (and chocolate and marshmallows) and trying to be stealthy about it.  While failing at the stealthiness.

tumblr_mpwc2yfITc1r5ml59o1_1280And that’s just funny.

Thanks for the cute, Liz Climo!

Head in the Clouds

What’s my favorite thing about myself?  Glad you asked. 

There isn’t a formal list of things I like about myself, but you know what I mean.  There are traits about yourself that make you happy.  Some people are proud of their running pace.  Other people are proud of their tidiness.  Not this girl.  I’m proud of my ability to daydream like a champ.

Sure, that sounds like a bad thing.  Sometimes I miss an important moment of a football game because my brain is somewhere else entirely.  But overall, it’s great.  It helps that I’m an adult and can harness the mental bunny trails when I need to be responsible. 

When I don’t need to be responsible, I can go from “Man, that’s frustrating!” to “Remember the way the sun came out behind the cloud at the grocery store the other day?” in 1 second flat.  Goodbye, meh day!  I’m thinking about clouds now.

photo from

photo from

(I had an actual picture from the grocery store parking lot, but my phone battery died, so imagine this picture with a small-town parking lot in the foreground instead of majestic natural something or other.)

And speaking of clouds, I am a sucker for a good cloud painting.  There’s an artist in the Richmond area who has been doing a painting a day project for quite a while now, and I like his work at lot.  His name is Duane Keiser, and this is one of his recent cloud paintings. 

painting by Duane Keiser

painting by Duane Keiser

He paints lots of other things, too.  Unfortunately for me, lots of other people like his work as much as I do.  Good for Duane making a living, bad for me buying one of his paintings.  Anyway, it’s pretty. 

And now I’ve been thinking about clouds and paintings and nice things for a good long while instead of thinking about all of the library patrons who seem to have horrible colds today. That is what I call victory for the easily distracted mind.