Head in the Clouds

What’s my favorite thing about myself?  Glad you asked. 

There isn’t a formal list of things I like about myself, but you know what I mean.  There are traits about yourself that make you happy.  Some people are proud of their running pace.  Other people are proud of their tidiness.  Not this girl.  I’m proud of my ability to daydream like a champ.

Sure, that sounds like a bad thing.  Sometimes I miss an important moment of a football game because my brain is somewhere else entirely.  But overall, it’s great.  It helps that I’m an adult and can harness the mental bunny trails when I need to be responsible. 

When I don’t need to be responsible, I can go from “Man, that’s frustrating!” to “Remember the way the sun came out behind the cloud at the grocery store the other day?” in 1 second flat.  Goodbye, meh day!  I’m thinking about clouds now.

photo from photo.net
photo from photo.net

(I had an actual picture from the grocery store parking lot, but my phone battery died, so imagine this picture with a small-town parking lot in the foreground instead of majestic natural something or other.)

And speaking of clouds, I am a sucker for a good cloud painting.  There’s an artist in the Richmond area who has been doing a painting a day project for quite a while now, and I like his work at lot.  His name is Duane Keiser, and this is one of his recent cloud paintings. 

painting by Duane Keiser
painting by Duane Keiser

He paints lots of other things, too.  Unfortunately for me, lots of other people like his work as much as I do.  Good for Duane making a living, bad for me buying one of his paintings.  Anyway, it’s pretty. 

And now I’ve been thinking about clouds and paintings and nice things for a good long while instead of thinking about all of the library patrons who seem to have horrible colds today. That is what I call victory for the easily distracted mind.

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