Apple Stamping? or Potato Painting? or Sweet Tater Arts and Crafts???

You know what’s great?  When you occasionally get to do something at work that you normally do just for fun.  Today, that involves planning a craft project for a library program.  I’m far from picking a project, but I have had some fun research time on Pinterest

Block printing with fruits and veggies as your stamps, specifically.  Because in my opinion, buying and carving fruits and vegetables would be way more fun than buying a bunch of actual stamps.  Definitely more fun.

So, would you rather do apple prints?

photos from

Or potatoes?

4873d98732eb1ce35c00b8bb619cb276Or sweet taters?

DSC_0520-003-537x359Hmm.  It is fun to consider the possibilities.  There might not be time to make homemade block prints at home, but there might just be time to build it into the library events calendar.  Yay!  There could be tea towels, bags, and pillow cases to print.  Every library patron’s dream, right?


I’m pretty sure that Scott and Peanut are not daydreaming of block printed bags or tea towels, but perhaps the female demographic will be on board.

Well anyway, I hope your work day contains a tiny piece of something you love, too.

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