Friday Funnies from Liz Climo

You know what I love about reading through magazines of upcoming books?  Finding things that I never would have discovered without lists of new books.  Sometimes I like my job a whole lot.

Yesterday I looked through the Graphic Novel section of a book catalog for a minute or two, even though I don’t buy books for that section of the library.  Just broadening my knowledge base, you know?  And thank goodness I was being responsible and whatnot, because I found a new-to-me artist named Liz Climo.  These are some of her cartoons, which I love:

art from
art from

That’s Peanut in small, dinosaur cartoon form.  He’s good at getting cuddles no matter what.

art from
art from

That’s me stealing Scott’s candy corn (and chocolate and marshmallows) and trying to be stealthy about it.  While failing at the stealthiness.

tumblr_mpwc2yfITc1r5ml59o1_1280And that’s just funny.

Thanks for the cute, Liz Climo!

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