Discoveries of the Week

  1. Five hours of sleep per night just isn’t enough.  No amount of Coke Zero can save you after a few weeks of that.
  2. Remembering the alarm code for work (that you only use about once every other month) on five hours of sleep isn’t possible.
  3. Having guests is fun.  Having lots and lots of guests is more fun.  My brain, however, isn’t keeping up with the quantity of grocery shopping necessary to provide basics for more than a few guests in a week.  In fact, my brain seems to go into “eat what you can find” mode when busy, which leaves guests to forage for berries in the neighborhood.  Pretty sure Martha Stewart would frown on that.
  4. The prospect of sleeping on my parents’ couch for three days is just as wonderful now as it was at the end of my first semester of college.  That’s not even taking into consideration the added bonus of a fluffy puppy on the couch with me.
  5. And finally, when I talk to myself, it seems perfectly sane (to me).  When library patrons talk to themselves as they walk away from the reference desk, it seems crazy.  Must remember that in the future.

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