Napping Soundtracks

I called it a day at noon.  It was necessary.  I did manage to get lots of good tech-ish stuff done in the morning, and nobody wanted my tired face around the library anymore.

On my way out the door, I thought I would look up a list of movies that are known for their good cheer.  It seemed like a solid idea for background noise while napping.  Something about subliminal messages seeping in.  I napped to an episode of Jersey Shore once, and I definitely dreamed about some crazy stuff.

The biggest surprise on the movie list was Dead Poets Society.  I mean, come on!  There’s a suicide in that movie.  It’s dark and cold and sad.  It’s also inspiring and a great movie in general, but I wouldn’t ever pop it into the DVD player to cheer myself up.  Not sure who wrote that list, but I’m wholeheartedly disagreeing with him or her.

Worst comes to worst, Peanut can sniff something out for me.  Most of my movies are chick flicks anyway, and those are known for their predictably happy endings.  As long as he doesn’t pick The Last King of Scotland (which is the one movie that inspired me to scream at the TV), we’re set.

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