Between You and Me

I’m going to show you a few of my favorite random pieces of art from Etsy.  Keep it between us, okay?  I would hate for all of my picks to vanish from my realm of possible purchasing.  Then again, you’d be doing my budget a favor. So on second thought, I’ll say that you should absolutely buy these.  You’re also morally obligated to suggest another good Etsy find to me if you buy one of my picks.  Buy away!

If you have no idea what Etsy is, it’s about time you found out.  It’s like Amazon for crafty or artsy folks.  You can buy and sell anything from beads to chandeliers or furniture (sometimes), jewelry or art.  There’s a huge range of stuff, too.  You could buy a $0.25 postcard or a $10,000 original oil painting.  If someone can make it by hand or if they can find a vintage version of it, you can find it on Etsy.

There’s also a funny site called Regretsy, but I’m going to make you work to find that.  It can be hilarious–a collection of the weirdest things available on Etsy.  Believe me, there’s some weird stuff.  It’s also wildly inappropriate sometimes.  You’ve been warned.

Okay, so today’s winners are listed below.  Each picture links to the object listing on Etsy, and you can find more things by the same artist by looking at their shop.

  1. I’m feeling somewhat nostalgic and wouldn’t mind spending a day or two in San Antonio, college stomping grounds extraordinaire.

    by Capow
  2. When have I ever turned down a great picture of trees and/or clouds?

    by irenesuchocki
  3. I am definitely thinking about Christmas lights already.  They’re corny and commercial and have nothing to do with the real meaning of the season, but I love them anyway.  They’re sparkly and magical, and I could stare at them for hours.  Sometimes I thank God for giving me a neighbor who puts twinkle lights into their trees around Christmas.

    by irenesuchocki
  4. This letterpress poster just makes me smile.

    by 1canoe2
  5. And this one makes me sing songs about Texas, so it can’t possibly be anything but good.

    by 1canoe2

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