Might Need That Someday

I’ve been clearing out closets lately to make space for my new roommate (Yay!!  She’s wonderful!), and I found all the stuff that I haven’t used in six years.  You know what I’m talking about.  There are certain things that you bought for some good reason, but there’s almost no chance you’ll ever need them again.  If you do need them, you’ll feel really stupid for getting rid of the one(s) you already had.  For me, the big items were extra long twin bedsheets from college, dozens of cords that went with electronics I no longer own, and a free “cordless” vacuum that is utterly useless if you lose the cord that recharges it (none of the options from the tub o’ cords worked).  They’re all gone now, so score one for the home team.  It feels great to get rid of unnecessary stuff.  Maybe my real calling is to go through people’s stuff with them and get rid of half of it.

The sad thing is that I feel like someone did exactly that in my brain.  They saw some things that looked a bit dusty, chunked them, and now I’m minus a few important something or others.  I can usually reason my way through things, but not today.  Everything is kind of fuzzy up there.  Thank goodness I only had a few boxes of cereal to choose from this morning.

Also, there were a whopping three questions at the library in my first three hours at work.  I might suggest Saturday morning nap time as a program idea.  If it’s an official event, at least one staff member has to be on hand to organize/participate.  I gladly volunteer to organize and participate.  Look at me, I’m such a proactive employee.

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