Hello, my name is…

It’s been a long couple of days, and last night’s late trip to the grocery store was the perfect “laugh at yourself” cap to the weekend.

I walked purposefully into the store in an oversized sweatshirt, my favorite jeans, and some comfy boots–classic weekend wear that doesn’t usually attract attention.  Despite the don’t-look-at-me garb, people kept giving me funny looks.  They kind of half smiled like I had a giant piece of lettuce in my teeth or the classic toilet paper on the shoe.  I’m not very good at judging what people are thinking, so I kept going without giving it much thought.  I quickly gathered a few essentials to get me through the week, got in line, placed my items on the conveyor belt, and looked down.  I still had my giant name tag on from an event earlier that night.  Awesome.  At least that explained the funny looks.

Then I was standing there for a few seconds, waiting for the people in front of me to finish paying for their groceries.  I saw what I was about to purchase and thought, “Double dang it!”  For all of my good intentions to cook more and quit drinking anything that resembles a Coca Cola product, I had three Lean Cuisines, a pack of Cherry Coke Zero, some zucchini, a box of cereal, and milk.  Replace the zucchini with a tub of ice cream and I can’t imagine a more typical “single girl” grocery list.  I guess you can’t have a balanced shopping cart (or basket) every time.  The Coke was super tasty on my drive to work this morning.

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