Painting Some More: Stairs

I had an ambitious post-work plan for yesterday.  First I would hit up the grocery store, followed by some time painting a second coat on our stair treads.  And last but not least, I would iron in front of the tv and watch a new movie I’m pretty excited about.

Nope.  The groceries happened, then I got home and got sucked into online Christmas shopping.  The good news is that three family members now have presents headed their way.  The bad news is that I painted after that and then staggered to bed in a sleepy stupor around 11:30.  Not exactly according to plan.

chair barrierThe good news is that Peanut didn’t try to get past my super sturdy barrier (complete with a dog-sized gap on the left).  The bad news is that even though I have finished the treads, I now have to paint the risers and the side trim.  Sigh.

And I’m painting them white, no less.  I love painting things that make a huge impact.  But painting things to just “tidy the look up a bit”?  Not as fun.

But there are good things in the future.  There’s good friend time coming up tonight and on Sunday, not to mention the good food that will probably be a part of both events.  And there’s no more thinking about the status of our stairs for months and months (maybe years?).  All good.

Note: A friend asked if we stained our bathroom cabinets, and I said no.  I haven’t stained anything before, so the thought seems kind of daunting.  I was planning to stain our stairs until I discovered that we had a few sizable holes to fill in with wood filler, which I’ve heard doesn’t stain as well as it claims to stain.  So with a huge sense of relief and avoided danger, I decided to paint the stairs.  And that brings us to this moment.  Everything you wanted to know and a few paragraphs more, right?

Weekend Update: Living Room

Progress is being made, people!  And this time, my contribution isn’t entirely imaginary.  Scott continued to work on the wood floor installation this weekend, and I pitched in with a paintbrush and a roller.  No, not for the floors.  That would be a travesty.  I pitched in on the walls.

I tackled the living room, and Scott and I took on the two-story entryway together.  I couldn’t figure out how to reach the top of the space while balancing a ladder on stairs, and Scott is braver, taller, and less clumsy than I am.  Therefore, his services were required despite his dislike of painting.

The color difference isn’t that big of a deal–light pink-ish beige to off-white.  They’re both neutrals, one’s just lighter and slightly less pink than the other.  But the overall difference is pretty darn exciting.

We’re getting closer to a revamped open floorplan living area, and it’s lookin’ good!


movingLike our piles?  I believe that “before” and “during” pictures should represent the actual chaos of doing construction in your own home.  Truth in advertising and all that jazz.

You can tell where Scott’s progress ended this weekend (end of the hallway right in front of our bedroom) by the creeper in our bedroom.  Sure, creepers can be used to work under a car.  They also make great hardwood floor installation buddies, and they add a special touch to any sophisticated bedroom.  And they let you make lots of ridiculous jokes about having a creeper in the bedroom.  (Get it?  Creepy person/creeper?)  Who knew these were such magical and entertaining objects?!

creeperAll that’s left paint-wise on this project is the hallway.  Whew.  And then the trim.  And then the stairs.

Yeah, it’s never going to end.  It is getting more rewarding as we get farther into the project, however.

Actual Progress and Imagined

Scott was hard at work today.  In addition to lots of computer schtuff, he got a start on the fun part of the floor project.  Fun might be a relative term when you’re talking about floor installation, but I personally think the addition of good flooring is way more exciting than ripping out layers of linoleum.  Check out that fireplace edge that’s all fancy-like and professional:


Oooh, aaah.

And me?  Well, I made imaginary progress.  I decided that if we stay in this house through August, I’m going to put up some outdoor lights.  Like these people except for nothing like these people (sans brick wall, stone pavers, etc.):

photo from

photo from

Still, it’ll look bright and cheerful like that. Same theory.  And you know what?  Imaginary progress is still a little bit satisfying.

Changing Plans

There has been some above-average stress around our house for the past few months.  It’s job-related for Scott and yucky for both of us, and it means that we may or may not be moving in the next several months.  That wasn’t part of our plan when we moved here almost exactly a year ago, but we’re flexible, and we like lots of places.  It’ll be fine in the end.

The funny (or not funny) part of the story is that we still have troughs in our floors where the walls used to be.  Is the open-concept living area nice?  Yes!  Do we need to do something about the floors before we even think about potentially selling our house?  Probably.  I’ve heard that most people don’t have feeding troughs for their dogs between their living room and kitchen.

So the great floor project has been bumped up from a “sometime in the future” project to a “sometime this month” project.  That’s kind of nice, really.  We’re looking at all kinds of samples of wood flooring and bamboo and such.  Carefully weighing reviews and prices, etc.

If I were doing this without Scott (a.k.a. without someone who is willing to try out new and challenging house projects), I think I would honestly just find a non-matching patch for the troughs, whip out some trusty paint, and do this:

photo from

photo from

Fortunately, I have Scott, and he likes new and challenging projects.  He’ll help me pick something that lots and lots of people will like, not just green-paint-loving people like me.  Yay for balance!