Actual Progress and Imagined

Scott was hard at work today.  In addition to lots of computer schtuff, he got a start on the fun part of the floor project.  Fun might be a relative term when you’re talking about floor installation, but I personally think the addition of good flooring is way more exciting than ripping out layers of linoleum.  Check out that fireplace edge that’s all fancy-like and professional:


Oooh, aaah.

And me?  Well, I made imaginary progress.  I decided that if we stay in this house through August, I’m going to put up some outdoor lights.  Like these people except for nothing like these people (sans brick wall, stone pavers, etc.):

photo from
photo from

Still, it’ll look bright and cheerful like that. Same theory.  And you know what?  Imaginary progress is still a little bit satisfying.

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