Projects and More Projects

Do you know what projects in progress mean?  Well, they mean an opportunity for another layer of projects in the near future.  Because Scott is making excellent progress with the floors right now, it leaves some painting opportunities open to me.  First on that list will be finishing the living room and hallway painting I’m kind of halfway through.  That’s top priority.

But after that, I’m thinking through a few more fun projects:

1) The fireplace.  Right now, it’s a nice, simple white.  Nothing terrible at all.  The only glitch is that the bricks inside the mantle are a slightly different shade of white than the wood mantle.  Not really a problem, but if I get around to it, I’m considering something like these:

photo from
photo from
photo from

The last option is the most likely because it’s the same color (more or less) as the olive green tile in our kitchen, which is now in the same room as the fireplace.  The blue matches our dining room chairs.  The yellow would be an odd-ball choice, but I still like it.

2) If I get really really motivated, I might just rip up the carpet on the stairs and do something like one of these on the stairs:

photo from
photo from Elle Decor
photo from Elle Decor

Although I will admit that the minty green in that last one might not be manly enough for the other half of the household.  We could go with some other dark-ish color with white treads. 

This is definitely a case of my eyes being bigger than my project time available.  I do have good intentions.  And those floors are looking mighty nice.

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  1. Betty Kiesewetter says:

    Darlin- I am not too sure dem bones near the mantle add real aesthetics!!

    Love to my blogger-


    1. Don’t worry about dem bones! The colors of the different mantles are the only part I was really thinking of using in our house. We do have some deer horns in the living room, however. 🙂

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