Changing Plans

There has been some above-average stress around our house for the past few months.  It’s job-related for Scott and yucky for both of us, and it means that we may or may not be moving in the next several months.  That wasn’t part of our plan when we moved here almost exactly a year ago, but we’re flexible, and we like lots of places.  It’ll be fine in the end.

The funny (or not funny) part of the story is that we still have troughs in our floors where the walls used to be.  Is the open-concept living area nice?  Yes!  Do we need to do something about the floors before we even think about potentially selling our house?  Probably.  I’ve heard that most people don’t have feeding troughs for their dogs between their living room and kitchen.

So the great floor project has been bumped up from a “sometime in the future” project to a “sometime this month” project.  That’s kind of nice, really.  We’re looking at all kinds of samples of wood flooring and bamboo and such.  Carefully weighing reviews and prices, etc.

If I were doing this without Scott (a.k.a. without someone who is willing to try out new and challenging house projects), I think I would honestly just find a non-matching patch for the troughs, whip out some trusty paint, and do this:

photo from
photo from

Fortunately, I have Scott, and he likes new and challenging projects.  He’ll help me pick something that lots and lots of people will like, not just green-paint-loving people like me.  Yay for balance!

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