Weekend Update: Living Room

Progress is being made, people!  And this time, my contribution isn’t entirely imaginary.  Scott continued to work on the wood floor installation this weekend, and I pitched in with a paintbrush and a roller.  No, not for the floors.  That would be a travesty.  I pitched in on the walls.

I tackled the living room, and Scott and I took on the two-story entryway together.  I couldn’t figure out how to reach the top of the space while balancing a ladder on stairs, and Scott is braver, taller, and less clumsy than I am.  Therefore, his services were required despite his dislike of painting.

The color difference isn’t that big of a deal–light pink-ish beige to off-white.  They’re both neutrals, one’s just lighter and slightly less pink than the other.  But the overall difference is pretty darn exciting.

We’re getting closer to a revamped open floorplan living area, and it’s lookin’ good!


movingLike our piles?  I believe that “before” and “during” pictures should represent the actual chaos of doing construction in your own home.  Truth in advertising and all that jazz.

You can tell where Scott’s progress ended this weekend (end of the hallway right in front of our bedroom) by the creeper in our bedroom.  Sure, creepers can be used to work under a car.  They also make great hardwood floor installation buddies, and they add a special touch to any sophisticated bedroom.  And they let you make lots of ridiculous jokes about having a creeper in the bedroom.  (Get it?  Creepy person/creeper?)  Who knew these were such magical and entertaining objects?!

creeperAll that’s left paint-wise on this project is the hallway.  Whew.  And then the trim.  And then the stairs.

Yeah, it’s never going to end.  It is getting more rewarding as we get farther into the project, however.

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