Construction Duck

One of our favorite (and least favorite) discoveries in our current construction projects is that Peanut likes to be a part of the action.  And he hates loud noises.  Well, we did already know the second part.  He’s okay with having paint dripped on him as a result of his likes and dislikes, but he draws the line at the air compressor/nail gun.  What’s a dog to do when the action involves lots of loud noises?

Peanut has resolved the issue by placing his stuffed duck (cleverly named “Duck”) right in the thick of the project.  Exhibit A:

duckPeanut is wisely a couple of feet from the nail gun and the loud noises.  He usually retreats downstairs instead of a few feet away, but he was feeling bold at this particular moment.  Duck, however, is exactly in line for the next row of wood floor installation.  And somehow, Duck appears in the next row over and over and over again.  It’s ridiculous and wonderful.  I like our dog.

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