Painting Some More: Stairs

I had an ambitious post-work plan for yesterday.  First I would hit up the grocery store, followed by some time painting a second coat on our stair treads.  And last but not least, I would iron in front of the tv and watch a new movie I’m pretty excited about.

Nope.  The groceries happened, then I got home and got sucked into online Christmas shopping.  The good news is that three family members now have presents headed their way.  The bad news is that I painted after that and then staggered to bed in a sleepy stupor around 11:30.  Not exactly according to plan.

chair barrierThe good news is that Peanut didn’t try to get past my super sturdy barrier (complete with a dog-sized gap on the left).  The bad news is that even though I have finished the treads, I now have to paint the risers and the side trim.  Sigh.

And I’m painting them white, no less.  I love painting things that make a huge impact.  But painting things to just “tidy the look up a bit”?  Not as fun.

But there are good things in the future.  There’s good friend time coming up tonight and on Sunday, not to mention the good food that will probably be a part of both events.  And there’s no more thinking about the status of our stairs for months and months (maybe years?).  All good.

Note: A friend asked if we stained our bathroom cabinets, and I said no.  I haven’t stained anything before, so the thought seems kind of daunting.  I was planning to stain our stairs until I discovered that we had a few sizable holes to fill in with wood filler, which I’ve heard doesn’t stain as well as it claims to stain.  So with a huge sense of relief and avoided danger, I decided to paint the stairs.  And that brings us to this moment.  Everything you wanted to know and a few paragraphs more, right?

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