Get Them a Book for Christmas

I haven’t bought a whole lot of books as Christmas presents this year, which is surprising.  Nine years out of ten, I buy a whole lot of books for Christmas.

photo from
Photo from… Christmas shopping heaven, if you ask me.

Why so many books?  Well, I’m a professional book pusher, so that’s part of it.  But honestly, I think that books are the perfect gift for lots and lots of reasons.

1) A book can fit into almost anyone’s budget.  You can find a rare book if you’re feeling spendy.  But if you’re on a budget like most folks, you can get a great new book for $10-20.  Or a super inexpensive new book for $2.  Or even a used book for as little as $0.50.  I’ve received used books as gifts before, and I didn’t feel bad about it at all.

First edition Jane Austen books for probably a truckload of money…

or Barnes and Noble’s “Fiction Under $5.

2) You can find a book to fit any person’s personality.  That makes it a thoughtful gift.  It can also be a general gift if you don’t know the person too well.  Get them a book that you suspect they might enjoy or just a great classic that they could return if they’re really not into reading a great classic (boo for that).

A book for your favorite people watcher…

humansor a book for your dog watcher (assuming he or she actually likes dogs).

puppies3) Your Christmas present could actually change someone’s life.  Reading fiction makes you a more empathetic person, thus say the scientists.  And I can pinpoint a few books that have certainly impacted who I have become as a person.  That’s some powerful Christmas present buying.

4) How often do you find a present that can be inspirational, educational, and a source of entertainment and joy all in one?

5) Books are easy to mail and probably won’t get damaged in transit, even in your suitcase.

Do you see what I mean?  Books are the perfect present.  If left to my own devices, I would probably buy everyone on my list a book every single year.  Fortunately for my friends and family (or unfortunately), I know that they have mixed likes, so I try to also mix up presents to match their preferences.  You can’t go wrong with a book though.

I wouldn’t recommend getting my dad a book about the Jonas brothers, but with a bit of thought, you can’t go wrong.

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