The Perfect Imperfect Christmas Tree

We had the best intentions.  We were going to pick out a Christmas tree together this past weekend, but time got away from us, and it was dark before we even got close to a Christmas tree farm.  Thus, Scott was solely responsible for picking out our Christmas tree this year.

Did that make me nervous?  Not really.

Scott might not care about the decorative nature of many things, but he does care about picking out a good Christmas tree and chopping it down himself.  So here it is, folks, the official 2014 Christmas tree:

treeWhat do I love about it?  Well, it’s a cedar, which is kind of fun and different.  And even though it’s mostly perfect, it has that one little leaning leader at the top just for me.

I’ve always had a penchant for the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, and there is a pretty large gap between CB’s tree and Scott’s dream tree.  Scott somehow managed to make all parties entirely happy this year, and I’m impressed.  Well done, sir.  Well done.

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