Painting on a Whim

So our main guest bathroom has been sitting untouched for a while.  Meaning that there were tons of extra nail holes in the wall, not to mention various stains and smudges and general yuck.

I decided I needed to change that this weekend, and I wanted to change it immediately (and for free).  Enter the extra paint from our downstairs bathroom.  It wasn’t exactly the color I wanted for the upstairs bathroom, but it was in the right color family–the family called “tone down the avocado bathtub and toilet.”

So, with leftover paint and a few hours, we went from dirty, tired walls to a fresh blue bathroom.

new bathroom 1

Ta da!  I even kind of like it now, avocado and all.

new bathroom 2

The artwork ties in the fabulously 70’s countertop.  Which makes for a very happy painter.

new bathroom painter

The gold frame even looks nice next to all of that fresh blue paint.  Yay!  Three cheers for leftover paint and a free afternoon!  Three cheers for a bathroom that is no longer yucky!!

P.S.  Found a before picture somewhere on the vast interwebs, so for the sake of comparison:

photo by some realtor about a year and a half ago

photo by some realtor about a year and a half ago


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