The Easiest Barbecue Chicken

Some weeks, there’s time to do oodles of side projects and fun random things.  Other weeks, there’s barely enough time to live real life with actual food and sleep, and things like blogging and painting fall by the way-side.  This is one of the “other” weeks.

For such an occasion as this, may I introduce my new friend, The Easiest Barbecue Chicken.

IMG_3385This recipe comes from Dinner: the playbook, which I now proudly own and thus no longer have to return to the library.  (Thanks, Grandma!!)  It’s one of the easiest chicken recipes I’ve ever used, and the result was delicious.

Seriously, you just salt and pepper the chicken, throw on some barbecue sauce a few times, and out pops delicious barbecue chicken.  Winner winner.  If you think you can’t cook, start here.  This would have made Graduate School Hannah feel like a very accomplished chef.  It makes Current Hannah feel smart for saving all that meal prep time and effort.

I will say that Scott’s homemade barbecue sauce made a big difference here.  I used to be just fine with the store-bought sauce options, but now I’m spoiled.  Try making your own barbecue sauce sometime.  I bet you’ll like it, too.  There’s even a recipe for homemade sauce in the chicken recipe.  Oooh, aaah.

And with that, I will return to the very serious business of finishing the latest episode of Downton Abbey and reading a new book.  This is serious real life stuff, folks.

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