Chicken Marsala for a Drizzly Sunday Night

Drumroll, please.  It’s time for Tyler Florence’s Chicken Marasala.

But before you make your own Chicken Marsala, I have a confession to make about this recipe.  It sounded good when I started making it, but somewhere between pounding the chicken flat (which Peanut hated) and causing our fire alarms to go off a half-dozen times (which Peanut also hated), I lost my enthusiasm for it.  Sigh.

Why am I posting the recipe if I wasn’t all that excited about it last night?

Well, then I had leftovers of it for lunch today, and it was splendiforous, and I realized why this recipe has so many positive reviews.  It really is lovely.  The chicken is nice and moist, the sauce is perfect to warm you up in the winter, which makes this an all-around comforting meal.  The flavor is rich without being too heavy, which is always good.  As long as the smoke alarm isn’t going off.

Here’s my suggestion so that you can avoid the smoke alarm issues: use an oil with a higher smoke point than olive oil.  The recipe tells you to use olive oil, but just ignore that.  Sure, Tyler Florence is famous for his recipes, but at my house, olive oil didn’t work out so well.  Try some nice, old-fashioned vegetable oil, and you should be well out of smoke alarm range.  If you want to be super sure you’re out of smoke range, try some safflower oil.

IMG_3387Ta da!

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