Hummus Wraps and Golf Caddies

First things first, we made The Pioneer Woman’s Heavenly Hummus Wraps last night for dinner, and they lived up to their name.  Mmm.

photo by Ree Drummond (from

Just so that you can immediately understand the deliciousness, here’s what you’re looking at on top of the wrap: caramelized red onion slices, hummus, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, mixed greens (with dressing), and feta crumbles (or goat cheese or whatever cheese you like).  We did add some turkey to the mix for extra protein, but it would certainly be delicious either way.

These wraps are perfect for a hectic late-night dinner just like last night at our house.  I was able to caramelize the onions and get the other ingredients rounded up in just a few minutes, then I tossed everything together when Scott got home.  When you don’t know what time dinner might happen, five minutes of putting things together is a win.

The only negative for this recipe is that it doesn’t make leftovers.  I think sogginess would be a major issue if any of these were made in advance.  But really, if not having leftovers is the biggest negative for a recipe, I’m happy.

Now that the important business of food is all taken care of, I would like to discuss dog caddies.  Yes, dog caddies.

Scott sent me a BBC article about The Masters in Augusta.  We’ve been meaning to go play golf together for a while.  It’s a sport Scott is good at and I haven’t tried in years (like many other sports).  But we figured I would make a perfectly adequate amateur caddy if I turn out to be a terrible golfer.  I wouldn’t mind walking around a pretty golf course for a few hours.

Then I realized that we have an even better option sitting on the couch at home:

photo from ABC Open

Why isn’t this a normal thing?  Oh, sure, dogs like to dig holes in grass, and golf courses are known for their pristine grass.  I think it’s at least worth a shot to see how it works though.  Maybe dogs could be golf-course certified for good behavior or something.

I also want to see what would happen if Peanut saw a squirrel while he was caddying along.  I’m not sure if the golf clubs or the dog would win that battle.  With that mental image, I will leave you until tomorrow.

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