Go Bold

One of my college roommates taught me a valuable lesson.  She taught me that if you’re feeling sad or tired or gross, you should absolutely wear a bright something or other–scarf, shirt, jacket, dress.  I think the theory is that if you’re wearing something bright and perky, it will hopefully distract from the sad/tired/whatever emanating from your face.  It might even make you not feel sad/tired/whatever anymore.  That depends on the day and the degree of tired, etc.

You might have guessed that today is a bold print day for me, and I’m grateful for my former roommate’s wisdom.  I feel fancy outside, even if I feel run down on the inside.  And it does help.  It helps me to present a good business face, and it helps me to maintain focus on the work side of life. 

Now here would be a “bold pattern day” winner:

photo from Bodenusa.com

I bet you didn’t even notice that the model is tan and gorgeous, right?  Right. 

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