Queso Fundido Indeedo

I actually made Queso Fundido (Pioneer Woman style) for the Super Bowl ages and ages ago, but I got the flu right after that.  Somehow, posting a blog about cheesy deliciousness seemed like a bad idea at the time.

Not now.  I just had a flashback to all of that cheesy awesome and wanted to share.

photo by Ree Drummond (from thepioneerwoman.com)

Isn’t that pretty?  I’m pretty sure I can’t overstate how perfect this is as a party food, especially for a “this is a sports party, so calories don’t matter” type of event.  The only catch was that we had to reheat things a bit midway through the game to keep the cheese melty.  I was pleasantly surprised that this had a lower cheese to veggie ratio than I anticipated (read: it only sort of clogged my arteries).  Are you allowed to go hog wild with food to watch The Masters?  If not, you should find a random sporting event on TV just so you can make this.  Nascar is happening on Sunday, and it will last for hours and hours.  Plenty of cheese eating opportunities there.

Speaking of cheese, I’m pretty excited about ordering this for the library:

book cover from urbancheesecraft.com

This woman knows what she’s doing.  She has an Etsy shop of cheesy delights (bonus points in my mind), she helped create the Williams Sonoma DIY cheese kits (even more bonus points), and she wants to teach all of us how we can make our own cheese, too.  I like her already.   It’s the most fun type of collection development when I’m genuinely excited about a book coming in and I think patrons will be genuinely excited to give that same book a try.

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