Quick Veggie Stir Fry

One of the sad things about the past few months is that we tried a bunch of new recipes, and I honestly don’t remember most of them.  At all.  The good thing about that is that a few recipes were so nice they made it through the fog of sleepless nights into my long-term memory.  Those recipes will make their way to you.

First of all, we have a veggie stir fry from The Pioneer Woman.  It’s quick, it’s delicious, and it makes me feel better about all of the pizza we ate last night.  That’s a pretty strong combination.  Oooh, and it’s hearty enough that Scott will eat it without complaint even though it’s vegetarian.  That’s a really big deal.

Here’s what The Pioneer Woman’s looked like:

photo by Ree Drummond


If I couldn’t remember which recipes we tried, you can guarantee I was too out of it to take any pictures of our favorites.  I barely got pictures of baby and dog and husband, much less food.

Okay, maybe I got a lot of pictures of baby.  He’s cute.

FullSizeRender (2)

See, even the back of his head is cute.  Even in the grocery store.  And those neck rolls are cute, too.  That might be the mom in me thinking that neck fat is cute, however.  I get it if that does nothing for you.

So neck rolls aren’t awesome?  Don’t let that stop you from trying the stir fry.  It’s pretty wonderful.  I didn’t make any real changes to the recipe.  I used dried ginger instead of fresh because we already had it in the pantry, and I used green bell peppers instead of multi-colored ones because, once again, I was trying to save a few dollars.  It was 10% less pretty with all green peppers, but still really delicious.

In the near future, you can look forward to a recipe for protein balls (which taste like chocolate chip peanut butter deliciousness and are also kind of healthy) and some salmon with a mustard cream sauce and tasty veggies a la Giada.  And if I really get on top of life, I’ll take pictures of how Tuck’s nursery turned out and pretend that we’re all fancy and decorative when we’re really just changing diapers all day.

Happy diaper day!

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