Eggs Benedict with Apple Sausage and Mustard Hollandaise

Since I talk about food all the time, you can guess that there were foods I missed eating during pregnancy.  There are so many dern rules about what could hurt your baby, and it feels wrong to eat those things, even if the odds of actually hurting said baby are really slim.  So I tried to be good and avoid everything on the major “don’t eat this” pregnancy lists.

What did I miss most?  Strangely, the list consisted of Hollandaise sauce, lunchmeat, and wine.  It’s an odd assortment and not indicative of my normal eating habits, but that is in fact what I missed most.

So imagine how excited I was about a plan that involved us making Bobby Flay’s Eggs Benedict with Apple Sausage and Mustard Hollandaise for my family while they were here over Christmas.  No risk of hurting baby now, just tasty food.

The only blip in the plan was that as usual, we had bigger  menu plans than we had free time.   Sigh.  So our Eggs Benedict glory happened when no one was in town but little ol’ us.

It didn’t matter in the end.  It was still delicious.

The mustard Hollandaise had perfect tang to go with the poached eggs, and the apple sausage was just different enough to be really fun.  I mean, as fun as food can be (which is pretty fun,  in my opinion).

IMG95201512289521584774195HDR (2)

I don’t recommend making this on the night that you decide to get your newborn to sleep in his crib no matter how sad that makes the newborn.  Hollandaise doesn’t go well with wailing baby.  Not many foods go well with wailing baby, actually.  But if you’re lucky and have a spouse who is willing to tag-team the cooking, you can go for it any ol’ time.  I made the sausage and prepped the other parts of the dish.  Scott made the Hollandaise and the eggs. And he took the picture.  Thanks, babe!

Neither of us had made a Hollandaise sauce before, but Bobby Flay’s instructions worked quite smoothly.  No fear the fancy sauce.

In other news, I keep thinking of funny life lessons I’ve learned in 6 weeks of parenting, and I then promptly forget them.  Yup.  Brain like a sieve.

Source of sieve brain?  This little guy:

photo (15) (2)

Who is now a happy crib-sleeper.  Yay!!!!

photo (14) (2)

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