Steak-n-Beans-n-Rice-n-Tomatillo Salsa

Oh, you say it’s been a while since I’ve written?  Well, work has been busy.  Really busy.  And life has been relatively full, too.

And we’re going to have a baby in November.  Yay!  Now I’m thinking about food for two, or something like that.  I probably already liked food enough for two people, so we’ll just consider the baby one lucky little munchkin (strictly food-wise).  I’m not sure how that factors into the whole not writing recently thing, but I think it does.

What in the world has the last month held for Small But Valuable?  Well, we’ve been cooking up some tasty food.  There have been a higher number of delicious, celebratory cakes than normal.  And we’ll go with the most recent meal first.  Just because.

Last night, we tried a new-to-me recipe from Real Simple.  Scott was in charge of cooking the steak, and I was in charge of the other pieces of the meal.  It was easy to make (even if you’re responsible for three out of three meal components instead of two out of three), not horribly expensive (factoring in a little bit of extra money for the steak), and delicious.  In 30-ish minutes.


Honestly, I would eat this meal once a week (or more) all summer long.  It’s lovely.  The steak is rich and perfectly cooked.  The rice and beans are a good, simple side to complement the steak.  And last but not least, the tomatillo salsa is so darn fresh and summery.  It just hits the spot.

So try it, folks.  You’ll like it: Real Simple summer recipe magic in the form of steak, rice and beans, and tomatillo salsa.

Now I’m off to try out milk paint for the first time.  Wish me DIY luck!


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  1. Betty says:


    Don’t know about the recipe, but overjoyed to hear from you!

    Your visit here was perfectly timed and so very sweet. Do want to talk

    to you about baby things–but absolutely BRAND new!!! Am so

    glad you are well—My special love to that special Scott and to you.



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