Bookish Blooms

We have a little bit of a book display problem at the library.  Maybe “problem” is an overstatement.  Anyway, we always want to make our displays more attractive.  They need a bit of pizazz on top of books arranged nicely.

This month, there’s a gardening display.  And on Friday, I got crafty.  I’m not the best at this sort of thing, so you can guarantee that if I can do it, you can do it, too.  What are we doing?  Making paper flowers, of course.

I started with some great literary material–ripped out pages from the 1987 edition of Contemporary Authors.  I don’t often deface books, but when I do, it’s nearly always the 1987 edition of Contemporary Authors (#mostinterestinglibrarianintheworld #firsthashtaguseever).  Don’t worry, they were taken out of the library system years ago and are now used for projects just like this one.

photo-10And I used a bit of a tutorial.  It tells you how to fold and cut the paper.  You can find the magic instructions here.  But I made one adjustment.

I didn’t use any cotton swabs.  I wanted to work with materials we already had plenty of at the library, and I didn’t have any cotton swabs or food coloring in the vicinity.  So how did I connect everything?  I used plain, old-fashioned tape, and it worked like a dream.

photo-11photo-12I’m a pretty big fan of the book pages mixed with the yellow lined paper.  It’s quite appropriate (and free) for a book display.  Problem solved, at least for one display for one month.  Now I just need to figure out how to craft perfect paper display items for every potential topic.  No pressure.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. BGK says:

    How charming-paper flowers! As lovely as my HGR–

    1. I think they’re charming, too! Thanks, Grandma.

  2. Ellen Wakefield says:

    Very cute; love this!

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