A Tale of Two Ravioli Recipes

We made a new-to-us ravioli recipe last night–Giada’s Ravioli Caprese.  We’re partial to all things Capri-related, especially if basil is involved.  So what were the winning points of this recipe?

Well, the flavor was awesome.  Always an important feature for a recipe.  The inside was surprisingly filling, thanks mostly to the chicken and partly to the ricotta cheese (yes, whole milk ricotta was a winner).  The topping was light and bright and wonderful, thanks to the light and bright fresh basil and lemon zest on top.  Yum.

So if you’re looking for a hearty yet not overwhelmingly heavy ravioli dish for the summer, you’ve found it.  I believe that our only edit was to use half whole-wheat flour.  Surprisingly, the pasta survived that change.  Yay for a slightly healthier pasta that still tastes good!

photo-13You might remember that I made another type of ravioli not too long ago.  It was Wonton Ravioli with Ricotta and Spinach, and it was also nice and light.  The main differences (other than the obvious sauce thing) are in the guts.  The wonton option is a delicious, flavorful vegetarian option.  Well, it’s vegetarian if you ignore the optional sausage addition. The Giada option has more protein, which is a win.  It also maintains the awesome flavor level of the other recipe, so it’s really a double win.  It’s just a question of whether you want spinach or chicken as your main feature.

ravioliMy recommendation(s)?  If you’re in a hurry, try using wonton wrappers for either recipe.  They get the job done, and they’re a nice, thin pasta.  If you want to make things healthier (read: use whole wheat flour) and a different size or shape, make your own pasta a la the Giada recipe.  Scott is adventurous like that, and I’m glad he’s there to roll out pasta for me.  I made the stuffing.

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