Snack Attack

Scott made us a gourmet dinner last night.  It was Giada’s Pork Chops Stuffed with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Spinach.  The official version looks like this:

photo from

photo from

Ours was rustic-looking but delicious.  I made the guts of the stuffing, and Scott did the hard work of actual stuffing and cooking.  I think we would both make this again.

The only hitch in the story is that I got home at 8:30, and Scott got home at 10-ish.  So yeah, dinner happened at 10:42.

What’s a girl to do between 8:30 arrival at home and official dinner at 10:42?  Snack!  And not the healthy kind.  The super tasty kind.

This is what we call “not a recipe.”  You take a flour tortilla and throw on some grated cheese.

Super Fancy Exhibit A

Super Fancy Exhibit A

Then you heat that super fancy concoction.  I used a toaster oven, but you could use a real oven.  The microwave just makes the tortilla soggy, so I wouldn’t recommend that unless it’s your only option.  Right before you proceed to the eating stage, it looks like this:

Super Fancy Exhibit B

Super Fancy Exhibit B

And that’s all, folks.  Gourmet and not-a-recipe make a killer combo for the day.  Happy pre-Easter!

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