Spatula Day Fun

Okay, so the Pots de Creme idea was just that–an idea that Ree Drummond’s chocolate dessert would in fact be awesome if it ever made its way from recipe to actual food (and in close proximity to me).  Until I went to the grocery store on Friday night and got chocolate chips and heavy cream to make the theory into reality.  Very delicious reality.

pots de cremeI need to remember that in the future.  If I want to make an awesome dessert, I should post the recipe first, “just as an idea.”   Then I can think about the recipe for the rest of the day and get ingredients on the way home.  It’s much more fun than only making desserts for birthdays and parties.

So there was the original cute container goodness.

spoon de cremeComplete with eating apparatus (also known as a spoon).  But eventually the spoon wasn’t cutting it.

spatula de cremeAnd then came the spatula.

Which leads me to say, Happy Spatula Day!!!

In high school, a friend and I decided to celebrate Spatula Day instead of Valentine’s Day.  It was like an early alternative to Galentine’s Day.  And I think it was very successful.  Spatulas in East Texas (where we lived at the time) reported feeling quite celebrated.  Or something like that.  At the very least, we didn’t have to think about Valentine’s Day quite as much with our spatulas to celebrate.  And long story short, it’s nice to see an actual spatula on the spatula’s big day.  It warmed my heart.

Although I think the chocolate and coffee and heavy cream was really the heartwarmingest factor.

so much redOne co-worker decided to honor the humble spatula by giving all of the ladies at work a red rose.  That was pretty nice of him.  Not sure how it relates to spatulas, but I decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

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