Red Tile Love

I tend to gravitate towards calm colors when decorating (or dressing)–blues, greens, browns, neutrals.  But lately, I’ve been trying to add some red and yellow and orange back into the mix.  Those colors can be so warm and inviting!

I am still hopelessly devoted to blues and greens and browns, but I think that adding little bits of different colors can really liven up a space.

Yes, I did repaint our red dining room to an off-white color.  I’m still happy with that choice, and it doesn’t mean I’m anti-red.  I am anti-stained, gross paint that doesn’t go with the other things that will be living out in the open in the same room.

Anyway, pictures like this make it really easy to imagine more red in our house:

photo from
photo from

Good tile choice, people!  Long-distance high five.

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