Standard Life: February Edition

You know, sometimes life doesn’t seem bloggable.  Sometimes it’s just dinner and dishes and TV and work.  Plenty of work.

I don’t mind when life gets into normal ruts, but it does make it more challenging to present interesting material to you.  Sigh.

So today?  Today we’ll go through the quick and dirty of what’s going on.

  1. We had a Super Bowl party on Sunday (the best time for Super Bowl parties, really… during the Super Bowl).  I don’t know about anyone else, but Scott and Peanut and I had a very good time.  Among the many tasty food items, there was The Pioneer Woman’s Queso Fundido.  It’s officially my favorite football food.

    photo from (by Ree Drummond)
    photo from (by Ree Drummond)
  2. Reading is still fun.  I hope you’re not surprised by that.  I recently finished The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton and Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.  Big Little Lies isn’t my typical reading fare, but it was still a very enjoyable read.  It’s doing well on bestseller lists, and there’s a parental riot in the first chapter.  I couldn’t very well read about a parental riot (at a school night for parents) and then not find out who got killed.  Good hook, Liane Moriarty.  The Secret Keeper was a bit more standard for me–historical fiction mixed with some mystery.
  3. Life is going along pretty normally.  Peanut is adorable.  We’re cooking.  The weather is drab and wintry.

And with that, I leave you to this fine, par-for-the-course Tuesday.

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