Reasons to Watch Nashville

Before I even tell you why I like the television show Nashville, I’ll hedge a bit.  This show is a soap opera.  Definitely.  There are car accidents and comas (or close), children who don’t know who their real father is, etc.

I’m not proud of liking a soap opera.


The show does have some pretty strong pluses on its side.  For one thing, there are some truly lovable characters mixed in with all of the mess and drama.  Why would you care about someone spiraling down in drama if they didn’t start out as truly lovable?

Secondly, the music is fantastic.  It’s a show about the music industry, but it’s even better than I thought it would be.  You’ll just have to listen to some of it yourself.

Those could be my two reasons to watch Nashville, but I’m going to show you two bonus reasons on top of those:

Real life sisters who are super duper talented.  They’re not a new phenomenon, so I’m probably not introducing you to anything.  I just saw them on my Facebook feed today and couldn’t resist sharing the fun.

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