Veggie Garden Changes

One of the fun things about having our own vegetable garden is that I get to see the outliers of the seasons.  The weather is one thing, but when vegetables choose to grow is sometimes another.  Sometimes a pumpkin appears in your garden out of nowhere (really) in June.  Sometimes you get a dozen healthy pumpkins in June, for that matter.  When you planted zero pumpkin seeds.

Our green peppers were late bloomers this year (figuratively and literally), but they really started to come into their own in the last month or two.  We’ve been getting fresh red bell peppers all the time.

One of my favorite side effects of a red pepper overflow?  Sliced red bell pepper with hummus as a snack.  Yum.  It makes me feel like I’m at some fancy party every time I eat that combo.

But as the weather changes (sometimes drastically), even the late hangers on must come to an end.  Last peppers were picked the other day to try to save them from the impending freeze, and I found something fun in one of those peppers yesterday.

peppaLook, it’s turning red!  Just a teeny, tiny piece of red, but still red.  And don’t be scared by my flour hands.  It was homemade pizza night, and I didn’t feel like washing my hands between dough rolling and pepper chopping.  They were washed when it mattered.

That’s my report for the day.  Now it’s all kale and Brussels sprouts and broccoli in garden land, and I’ll have to find a new garden snack plan.  Sigh.  Anyone know a good way to snack on Brussels sprouts?

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