Pre-Thanksgiving Pretties

It’s Confess Your Mess Friday (something that I made up), and here’s the truth.  I kept the kitchen cleaned up every day for the first three days of the week.  It was lovely.  And then I completely stopped doing dishes for the last two days.  As a result, our kitchen is covered in a thin layer of pizza dough flour and dirty dishes.


That means that today’s dose of pretty is hypothetical, not from our house.  But it’s still a good dose of pretty.  For example, we have some awesome wire place cards here:

photo from
photo from

Maybe in some kind of alternate universe I would make those.  It’s possible.

This next decorative plan is closer to the realm of reality.  I’m not talking about the fancy copper or the all-natural vibe, although those are nice.  Just the greenery.  I could do that!  And so could you.  Yay for achievable (and free) decorative plans.

photo from
photo from (who apparently found it through House & Home)

And last but not least, my favorite table decorating plan was designed with kids in mind.  I say use it for everyone.

photo from (who saw it at, who got it from Country Living)
photo from (who saw it at, who got it from Country Living)

It’s just kind of nice and relaxed.  You could draw on any type of placemat you like, and you could throw a few pieces of attractive produce in the middle of the table, and you’re there.  Fully decorated Thanksgiving awesomeness.


Now all I have to do is conquer those dishes and grab some greenery from the yard.  Or some pomegranates from the store.  Or some wire, but that one probably isn’t going to happen.

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