Veggie Garden Changes

One of the fun things about having our own vegetable garden is that I get to see the outliers of the seasons.  The weather is one thing, but when vegetables choose to grow is sometimes another.  Sometimes a pumpkin appears in your garden out of nowhere (really) in June.  Sometimes you get a dozen healthy pumpkins in June, for that matter.  When you planted zero pumpkin seeds.

Our green peppers were late bloomers this year (figuratively and literally), but they really started to come into their own in the last month or two.  We’ve been getting fresh red bell peppers all the time.

One of my favorite side effects of a red pepper overflow?  Sliced red bell pepper with hummus as a snack.  Yum.  It makes me feel like I’m at some fancy party every time I eat that combo.

But as the weather changes (sometimes drastically), even the late hangers on must come to an end.  Last peppers were picked the other day to try to save them from the impending freeze, and I found something fun in one of those peppers yesterday.

peppaLook, it’s turning red!  Just a teeny, tiny piece of red, but still red.  And don’t be scared by my flour hands.  It was homemade pizza night, and I didn’t feel like washing my hands between dough rolling and pepper chopping.  They were washed when it mattered.

That’s my report for the day.  Now it’s all kale and Brussels sprouts and broccoli in garden land, and I’ll have to find a new garden snack plan.  Sigh.  Anyone know a good way to snack on Brussels sprouts?

Saturday is Picture Day: Veggie Garden Mini-Tour

We took a little garden tour last night so I could see how all of the veggies are doing.  The veggie garden is pretty solidly in Scottland (not to be confused with Scotland, which is a long way away), so I don’t get out there every day.  It was pretty fun as far as at-home post-work adventures go.

milkThe tour started off with a glass of cold milk.  My parents sent me the glass as a present after their recent trip to France, and I love it.  I’m not entirely sure what Mueh Cola is, because the websites that talk about it are all in French.  The cow is awesome regardless.  (Is it one of Peanut’s cows?)

blueberriesAnd then there were blueberries from the freshly planted blueberry bush.  I liked the colors a lot.  The blue ones are all in our respective stomachs now.  It was an eating tour of the garden.

squashThen there was a spaghetti squash sighting.  Yay!  We didn’t eat anything at that stop.  That will require at least a week-long wait and some time in the oven.  It was still nice to see the veggies growing.  I actually had to look this guy up to make sure it was really spaghetti squash, which is sad.  It looks yellow and slightly different in the store, but sure enough, that’s spaghetti squash home veggie garden-style.

We also have miscellaneous squash plants that either A) sprouted from last year’s plants in random spots throughout the garden, or B) came up from seeds in our compost.  They’re super healthy plants, but we don’t quite know what to expect vegetable-wise.  Zucchini?  Yellow summer squash?  Something totally random from the compost?  It’ll be a surprise.

And finally, on the home stretch to the kitchen and the real eating of the evening:

photo-2Sure, it’s getting dark, and the picture quality isn’t great.  But check out that rose bush!  It’s growing on a trellis to the left of the path.  We cut it back several feet in September.  Then we cut it back several feet in November.  And again in March or April.  This beast just won’t stop growing!  There were no rose branches extending anywhere near the path a month ago.  Craziness, I say.  Craziness.

(Yes, that’s Scott at the top of the stairs telling me that dinner is ready and I’d better get myself inside or risk cold salmon.  I said, “Yes sir, no more pictures, sir.”  You should always be nice to the cook.  Dinner was good.)

Back to School: Weekend Show and Tell

Okay, so I’m not technically going back to school this year.  It’s been a few years since I bought my favorite notebooks and pens before heading off to new classes.  I love school supplies though.  Love.  And I love the feeling of a new school year.  It was always bright and hopeful and exciting on that first day.

So to honor my love of back to school and all that it involves, here’s a show and tell of our weekend visiting Norfolk:

Blue BellThat is the single best picture I can imagine to explain the weekend.  I grew up in Texas, and Blue Bell ice cream hasn’t been available where I’ve lived since I moved away from Texas after college.  Since 2006, Blue Bell has just been a part of my past–a delicious, wonderful memory.

Not this weekend.  Blue Bell came to the Hampton Roads, Virginia area right before we moved away.  But, well… it’s kind of expensive.  It isn’t too expensive for celebrating with friends though.  We splurged on Blue Bell this weekend, and it was perfect.  There’s nothing like a weekend in a place that still feels a little bit like home with friends who feel like family and a bowl of ice cream that tastes just about perfect.

Peanut as SiAnd that picture is a merging of two of my favorite things–our dog Peanut and Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.  Sometimes when I have a few spare minutes, I do things like give my dog a beard and glasses from the Duck FX app (which is free, and thus was downloaded instead of the more popular Beard Booth app).  I had a few spare minutes this weekend.  Those minutes were filled with coffee and friends and walking on the beach and long, flowing dog beards.

SquashThis picture is something we came home to–new home.  Our garden is doing alright.  Not everything has sprouted (there were two planting days, a few weeks apart), but the squash and the corn and the peas (Beans?  I always forget.) are thriving.  That is a close-up of some new leaves on one of the squash plants.  They’re healthy, and if plants had feelings, I think they would be happy, too.

It was a good weekend.

Getting Our Seeds in a Row

So you’re supposed to get your ducks in a row, but we’re getting our seeds in a row. If all goes well, we’ll be the proud owners of a house on several acres sometime Monday. And Scott has every intention of starting to plant a (late) summer garden on Tuesday evening. We’re excited.


Also, I didn’t know until today that corn seed is pink when you buy it. I’m sure there’s a very good reason for that, but I think it’s funny anyway.