Back to School: Weekend Show and Tell

Okay, so I’m not technically going back to school this year.  It’s been a few years since I bought my favorite notebooks and pens before heading off to new classes.  I love school supplies though.  Love.  And I love the feeling of a new school year.  It was always bright and hopeful and exciting on that first day.

So to honor my love of back to school and all that it involves, here’s a show and tell of our weekend visiting Norfolk:

Blue BellThat is the single best picture I can imagine to explain the weekend.  I grew up in Texas, and Blue Bell ice cream hasn’t been available where I’ve lived since I moved away from Texas after college.  Since 2006, Blue Bell has just been a part of my past–a delicious, wonderful memory.

Not this weekend.  Blue Bell came to the Hampton Roads, Virginia area right before we moved away.  But, well… it’s kind of expensive.  It isn’t too expensive for celebrating with friends though.  We splurged on Blue Bell this weekend, and it was perfect.  There’s nothing like a weekend in a place that still feels a little bit like home with friends who feel like family and a bowl of ice cream that tastes just about perfect.

Peanut as SiAnd that picture is a merging of two of my favorite things–our dog Peanut and Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.  Sometimes when I have a few spare minutes, I do things like give my dog a beard and glasses from the Duck FX app (which is free, and thus was downloaded instead of the more popular Beard Booth app).  I had a few spare minutes this weekend.  Those minutes were filled with coffee and friends and walking on the beach and long, flowing dog beards.

SquashThis picture is something we came home to–new home.  Our garden is doing alright.  Not everything has sprouted (there were two planting days, a few weeks apart), but the squash and the corn and the peas (Beans?  I always forget.) are thriving.  That is a close-up of some new leaves on one of the squash plants.  They’re healthy, and if plants had feelings, I think they would be happy, too.

It was a good weekend.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. kerbey says:

    You had me at Blue Bell.

    1. Right? Blue Bell makes everything better.

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