Finding a Spot for Things

I’ve been thinking about getting a full-time job again, so I’ve had a kick in the pants to deal with those nagging last few boxes that are hanging out downstairs.  Please keep in mind that these pictures are very much “in progress.”  Just thought I’d share the glories of unpacking.

books on chest

This (above) was my first attempt at creative book shelving.  It’s great until winter, when we might need to access the quilts and blankets in the cedar chest.

shelf over window

Then I realized that the shelves above several of our windows weren’t really connected to anything (and needed to come down anyway).  They’re already cut and painted, and we have a giant stack of bricks in the woods.  What can you do with boards and bricks?  Something like this:

brick bookcase

That is what I call free and awesome.

more books

And last but not least, I turned what used to be a sweater storage spot into some extra book space.  It still needs some adjustment, but I like where it’s headed.  With that final tweak, every book in our house has a spot on a shelf, and there aren’t even any double-stacked shelves.  Victory.

The tools and cleaning supplies and kitchen still need some storage work, but at least a few categories are totally taken care of.  Now I can submit job applications with one less house project on my mind.

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