Cleaning, Hoarding, and Regular Folks

You may or may not recall that I tried a new cleaning schedule a while back.  It was in February of this year, to be precise.  I would love to report that our house is spotless and miraculous and a perfect representation of Type A cleanliness after seven months of a strict cleaning regimen, but it isn’t.

We try so hard to work enough and rest enough and enjoy each other’s company, and somehow cleaning never seems like the best way to enjoy time together after work.  Sigh.

I will try new things–tweaking my daily routine to include a few more minutes of cleaning here and there.  But for the moment, I intend to take the easy way out.  For the moment, I’m going to think about the show Hoarders.

About once a month, I watch five minutes of Hoarders just to make myself feel better.  Do we have stuff scattered all over the house that we should have thrown out or given away ages ago?  Sure.  Do I remember the last time I vacuumed an entire room?  Not really.  Does it look like this?

photo from
photo from

Not yet!  Yay!!!  Time to watch a new episode of The Mindy Project and cook up some tasty food in the moderately clean kitchen.

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