Between Projects (a.k.a. Planning Time)

Scott is working on lots of things at the house right now, but his primary project is building window boxes for us from pallets we had sitting around.  I have to say, I was surprised when he suggested building window boxes.  That sounds more like a me suggestion than a Scott suggestion.  Obviously, I was on board with that plan.  (I am happily between large house projects, so I can just support choices.  It’s great.)

Now the boxes have been created, installed, and filled with dirt (at least one of the two, maybe both).  I decided to paint them black, since the shutters are black.  Another bright burst of color was too hard to commit to after the bright green door.  I didn’t want the house to start to look like a pre-school with various brightly colored spots here and there.  Right, so black window boxes, black shutters.  Like this:

from Pinterest (who says it's from
from Pinterest (who says it’s from

No, those aren’t our window boxes.  Ours are just filled with dirt, remember?  Now it’s time to pick what goes into our window boxes.  Hmm.  There are the fluffy, full, mostly wild looking options and the organized, very precise variety (see above).  Maybe I’ll just aim for the alive variety.

So here are the front runners in my mind right now…

1) Sage and thyme:

photo from
photo from

2) Wintery conifers:

photo from
photo from

I am leaning heavily towards the herbs, since they could supply us with tasty inexpensive food and be beautiful.  The conifers are tempting though.  It seems like they would be hard to kill.  That’s my favorite feature of a plant, especially if it’s hanging out of the front of my house in a spot I might forget.  Pictures to come when we’ve resolved the dilemma.

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