Old Friends

old friends
photo from gag.fm

Honestly, this made me laugh for at least a minute straight when I saw it last night.  I just kept looking at it again and laughing some more.

It’s so true.  Sometimes when I spend time with new-to-me people, I feel exactly like sweater dog.  And real life me?  Well, real life me is definitely scouring the fridge for a good bite to eat with a frenzied look on my face.  Nailed it.

Aren’t old friends wonderful?  I like to think of new friends as potential old friends, so they’re all one big happy family from the start.  There’s still that desire to seem normal and put together for a while though.  Then over time you remember how tiring and pointless it is to try to seem put together when you aren’t.  And there you are, being ridiculously you in front of friends.

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