Italian Favorite: Tomato and Mozzarella Sandwich

Whew, we’re back from vacation.  It was wonderful.  Really.  But I also need a nap.  To be precise, I need several naps that last for at least 2 hours each. 

In lieu of naps, I give you a very brief recipe.  On the trip, we ate lots of good food.  Italy and Switzerland didn’t survive for centuries on “meh” food, that’s for sure.  There was rabbit and homemade gnocchi and pumpkin ravioli (not all together).  There was lots of happy eating silence.  My favorite?  Well, I know this isn’t especially gourmet or sophisticated, but my favorite eating of the trip happened to be a sandwich.  You probably guessed well from the subject of the post–tomato and mozzarella, of course.

photo from
photo from

Here’s my very official recipe for this favorite sandwich:

Get some good bread, slice it in half.  Throw on some thick slices of tomato (Roma or larger preferred, although cherry or grape tomatoes would be tasty, too).  Add thick slices of fresh mozzarella (the large roundish kind stored in water would be best).  Enjoy.

Something about the combination of the fresh tomato flavor, the light but satisfying mozzarella and the crusty bread (my favorite choice) is just perfect.  It’s carby but somehow doesn’t make me feel guilty in the least.

If you want to, you can add spinach or arugula or any ol’ kind of greens.  Some balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper would be tasty additions, too.  Or whole-grain mustard.  Or basil.  Or prosciutto or turkey slices or anything you want on your sammich.  Just enjoy the simple and the tasty before tomatoes are out of season.

Happy Italy to you!

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