Happy Couch + Window (+Peanut) Reunion

Well, we’re slowly but surely getting a grasp on “normal life” after vacation life.  I think I like jet lag a lot less at 30 than I did at 21.  But you know who’s really really happy?


He was treated like a king while we were gone, so he wasn’t exactly sad for the past few weeks.  But he was sad for the past month or so while we worked on the floors.  Mostly because we moved his favorite couch spot away from his favorite window spot.  What’s a moderately short dog to do when you take away his primary window/sunny spot?  Mope.  And mope he did.

Last night, we moved our large furniture back upstairs onto the new floors (pretty!), amid much pain and smashing of fingers and toes.  Jet lag + moving furniture at night = many small disasters.

Anyway, I woke up this morning to find no Peanut in our bedroom.  That’s strange behavior if ever I heard of strange behavior.  He likes to be close to his people when possible.

Then I heard a dog jump off the couch and scramble towards the bedroom.  He was definitely sleeping in his reunited favorite spot(s).  It was pretty cute.  All this morning he sat there, just soaking up the happiness.

sunny spot 1So much happiness:

sunny spot 2I wish I had such a great reaction to every furniture move we make.  But hey, one out of every thousand times we move a piece of furniture, the crowd rejoices.  I’ll accept that.

(You know what else is nice?  I put up curtains last night just so enjoy the newly installed curtain rods, planning to iron said curtains later.  Only when I looked at them this morning, the combo of open windows and humid Virginia air had taken out almost all of the offending wrinkles.  Victory for the impatient decorator!)

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