Comfort Burritos

Dinner: A Love Story is one of the friendliest cookbooks I’ve ever read.  It’s all about family dinner and the path to creating that habit in your own family.  It’s told through the lens of the author’s family, and it’s just incredibly real.  It talks about first dinner parties and the struggle of cooking good food and having real together time in a hectic life.  It also talks you through “we’ve been cooking for years and years” dinner parties.  It isn’t preachy or judgmental, and I love it.

Anyway, I’ve told you that before.  What I haven’t told you is that you should try their Black Bean Burritos recipe.  You really should.

photo from
photo from

Having a rough day?  Mad at that Hannah person who never updates her blog anymore?  Well, these burritos will comfort your socks off.  They’re quick, inexpensive, and the last few steps of the recipe really blend the flavors together perfectly.  Oh, and make more of the pickled onions than you think you could possibly need.  They’re magical.

There’s also a new cookbook coming out by Jenny Rosenstrach, creator of the fine burritos above:

photo from
photo from

I’m excited.

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