Happy Birthiversary, Peanut!

Today is Peanut’s 9th birthiversary.  By that, I mean that it’s our anniversary of Peanut ownership, and we think he’s approximately 9 years old.  It has been an epic 7 years of cuddles and adventures. 

This is what he looked like when we met:

panting peanutHe seemed so much taller in his profile picture.  Online dating, you know?  (No really.  Petfinder.com.)  Now he’s a bit salt and pepper (mostly pepper), and I think he’s held up well. 

The sad thing about this 9th birthiversary?  When I got Peanut, the vet said he was between 1 and 4 years old.  Which wasn’t a big deal at the time.  He was somewhere in the “adolescent” category either way.  The problem is that 7 years later, he is somewhere between 9 and 12 years old.  I really hope he’s 9.  We’re planning at least 5 more years of frolics through the woods with Peanut (who is an avid hiker and explorer, by the by). 

But back to the happy side of the birthiversary.  The birthday boy will be receiving a portion of dog ice cream today–haven’t decided between peanut butter or chicken flavor yet.  Big choice, you know?!  If he knew about said ice cream, he would probably be moderately excited until he saw a rabbit in the yard.  He’s easily distracted. 

If he’s a really really lucky dog, we’re going to move his favorite couch back into his favorite sunny spot in front of his favorite window tonight.  That’s the plan.  He’s been moping under the window the past few days–dreaming of sunny window-watching sessions past and days when our main living area wasn’t covered in wood shavings.  Hopefully he’ll be able to relax on a throne of couch again tomorrow.

Happy birthiversary, Peanut!

(Oh, you think this is too much for a dog’s birthday?  At least I’m not the person who posted this link on Pinterest: “How to keep your pet party below $100.”  We accomplish that by only inviting Peanut to his birthday party and giving him scratches as his present.  No complaints from Peanut yet.)

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