Sad Birthday

You know how I mentioned Peanut’s birthday/anniversary/birthiversary?  Well, the poor little guy had a pretty terrible day-o’-celebration.

It started innocently enough with frolics in the woods, etc.  He came inside when I got home from work, and he was happy as could be.  Then about an hour later, there was blood dripping onto the floor, and it wasn’t from Scott or from me.  That only left one bleeder in our house, and it was indeed Peanut.

We think it was a cyst that popped, and that sucker was gross.  I will spare you the details, but it ended up with Peanut bleeding for hours and a pencil-sized hole in his skin.  Yuck.

Scott provided compression for about 2 and a half hours while I scurried back and forth trying to make dinner and do laundry and help with the unwilling patient.  It was quite a family birthday adventure.

dog on apronThis is Peanut moping on my apron-clad lap.  He was so tired from struggling to get away from Scott and compression of wound that he just flopped onto my lap for an hour.  Poor bleeder.

photo-1Sure, it’s hard to see what this is, but I’ll fill you in.  It’s Peanut’s back left leg and his awesome homemade bandage.  What are you supposed to do with old curtains from the last owner of your house?  Cut them into nice, bright bandages, of course!  Preferably after you’ve used them as drop cloths for multiple painting projects (and washed them after that). 

The good news is that at the end of Peanut’s ordeal (or the end of the major bleeding), he had beef birthday treats to enjoy.  And he did enjoy them.  I think we all felt a lot better after he ate his beef treats.

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